All trainers are volunteers & service members, they do not derive income from coaching.  Being a CrossFit Trainer at CFGI is not a collateral or required duty. The trainers’ only compensation is serving those who serve by helping them become healthy.


Rob C. : Affiliate Manager/Lead Trainer. Crossfit Level 1 Trainers Course (ANSI). I have been working out consistently since high school where I played baseball, golf, football and wrestled. I became extremely bored after spending the majority of my gym time completing isolation movements with some cardio training. I was also frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing after dedicating years to this form of exercise. I became instantly hooked after trying Crossfit for the first time. The challenging workouts combined with like-minded and enthusiastic people have resulted in visible fitness, health, and strength gains that I could never achieve in a conventional gym. I invite everyone interested in developing life-long fitness and health, and I promise to do my best to make your experience safe and productive.

Stacy P.: Affiliate Manager/Trainer. CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course (ANSI). With a background in dance, weightlifting, yoga, mountain biking and endurance cycling, I fell in love with CrossFit for the variety, intensity and allure of something new. Something that I don’t often tell people is that I did not like CrossFit the first time I tried it. I accepted the fact that at first I was intimidated, as most people are, and realized that I didn’t give CrossFit a fair try. I tried it again.What happened next was amazing. Two weeks in, I was hooked. I made friends, saw changes in my body and realized that CrossFit was not just working out, but was also a welcoming community as well as a rewarding and exciting sport. I welcome and encourage anyone who wants to try it to come to class, work out, make friends and feel the love of the CrossFit community.

Joey C.: Trainer. CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course (ANSI); CrossFit Rowing Cert. I have been involved in sports since early childhood and spent the better portion of my adult years conditioning via regular military physical training both in the Army and Coast Guard. In 2011 I was introduced to “Elizabeth”… after the workout, I realized I was absolutely hooked. My perception of fitness and sport performance was entirely refocused after that. I haven’t looked back since. I credit CrossFit with reshaping my understanding of fitness and am excited to help others become, faster, stronger, and healthier. 

Manolo G.: Founder/Blog Manager/Programing.   I take coaching, standards and safety very seriously and seek all opportunities to grow as an athlete and coach.  If you commit yourself and work hard, I promise to do everything I can to get you to reach your fitness goals.

Lead Trainer of CrossFit Government Island (2011-2016); Competitive Team Trainer at Concord CrossFit; CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course (ANSI); CrossFit Football Trainer; USA Weightlifting Level One Sports Performance Coach; Judge at CrossFit competitions (Open, Regionals, Invitationals & Games); Outlaw Way, Parabellum Series (2013); Member, Scottish American Athletic Association; Former NCAA, Div. I, Collegiate Fencer;