Monday the 27th


3 Rounds (NFT)
15 Calories on Bike
15 Overhead Squats w/ Empty Bar
15 Kettlebell Swings

EOMOTM until failure w/ a partner
4 Squat Snatch 165/115lbs
Weight increases 10/5lbs each round
4 Snatch total each round, work does not always need to be spread evenly (2/2 3/1 4/0 Just get as far as possible)

Partner “Double Diane”
42 Deadlift 225/155lbs
42 Handstand Push Ups
30 Deadlift
30 Handstand Push Ups
18 Deadlift
18 Handstand Push Ups
Break up work any way.

For 20 Minutes w/ a partner
1 Minute on, 1 Minute off
Max Calories on Bike
Partner 1 Rows 1 Minute
Partner 2 Rows next Minute
Switch back and forth.


3 Rounds (NFT)
10 Hip Extensions
10 BB Strict Press
10 Scorpions


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