Wednesday the 4th


Introduction to CrossFit Class @ 1500

4 Spots Remain

Regular Class:


3 Rounds

7 Hip Extensions

100m Run

10 Push-ups


Bench Press 5 x 3 (60-85%)


Partner AMRAP (26)

One person works other holds BB (45/35#)

10 Lunges

30 V-ups

20 Chin-ups

200m MedBall Run (together, one 20/14#)

10 Stand-ups

30 Step-ups

20 Inverted Row

200m Farmer’s Carry (together, pair 53/35#)

10 MedBall Sit-ups (together)

30 Star-Jumps

20 MedBall Pass (together)

800m Bike or Row



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2 responses to “Wednesday the 4th

  1. Mike Ross

    I would like to attend today’s intro class if there is space. Thank you.

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