Monday the 7th


a. Hip Extensions 3×10
b. Empty bar high hang squat cleans 3 x 10
c.  Kipping HSPU 3 x 5 (3s hold at top)

5RM Back Squat (13)

2 Rounds
10 OHS 135/95lbs
5 Bar muscle-ups (7 h2b)
8 OHS 135/95lbs
4 Bar muscle-ups (6 c2b)
6 OHS 135/95lbs
3 Bar muscle-ups (5 h2b)
4 OHS 135/95lbs
2 Bar muscle-ups (3 c2b)
2 OHS 135/95lbs
1 Bar muscle-ups (2 h2b)
Rest 90s  between “rounds”

Every 90 seconds until failure (15 cap)
Run 250m

V. Choose ONE of the following:

3 Rounds
21 Burpees to 6″ target
14 GHD sit-ups

3 Rounds
200m Farmer’s Carry (pair: 53/35lbs)
21 Burpees


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