Thursday the 9th



Each partner must do all reps listed, other partner may tap out other partner, no working partner hangs from the pull-up rig.

During runs: each drop from pull-up rig while partner is running = 05 sync. burpee penalty, to be completed (together) when partner returns from run.


200m run
20 clap push-ups
20 star jumps
20 stand-ups (25#)
20 H2B
200m run
30 pull-ups
30 sit-ups
30 DUs
30 Jerks (105#)
200m run
10 rope climbs
10 pistol squats
10 DB TGU (25#)
10 Box Jumps (32″)
200m run
20 t2b
20 ghr
20 wall balls (20#)
20 evil wheels



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