Monday the 3rd

QCCF Awesome, North Central Diablo CrossFit Anejo, Northern California


1a) 4X5 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerk: work to a 5RM – rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X3 Jerk Balance: work to a max triple – rest 90 sec.


1a) Back Squat: 2X3@90%, 2X2@95% quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X30 feet HS Walk (beginning and ending with a 5 sec. freestanding hold) – rest 90 sec.


10 HSPU (regionals standard)
30 Deadlifts 135/95#
20 HSPU (regionals standard)
20 Deadlifts 185/125#
30 HSPU (regionals standard)
10 Deadlifts 225/155#



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Filed under Conditioning, crossfit, Oly, Strength, WOD

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